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The name of our ranch comes from the fact that our property adjoins Seminole State Forrest and we have many bears that come on the property. The bears would tear down our fence and could become injured in the process, so the owner of the ranch decided to build a bridge for the bears to go across safely and without incident. Once the first Bridge was tested, it was discovered that the bridge was well utilized. Many more bridges were built and a safe transition for the bears now exist.


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Bear Bridge Ranch was started over a decade ago by Tim Randolph to provide a safe and enjoyable hunting experience for the veteran and new comer hunter alike. Not only do we have some of the best hog hunting in Florida but we also have great wildlife viewing opportunities, which include wild hogs, black bear, deer, turkey, bobcat, and all Florida wildlife. Tim’s vision was not to import exotic animals but to hunt truly wild animals.

How long have we been in business?

Bear Bridges

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